Factors That Affect the Flooring Tile Prices

It is no secret that getting the right people to install tile on your floor is not cheap. That is why you must be able to get price estimates from various tile installers and compare them against one another. To start with, it pays to get price quotes from companies offering ready-made tiles at your desired scale, design, color and texture. This will give you a better idea of the prices that you will need to pay for tile services in South Africa. Get price quotes from different tile installers in your locality, contact various tile manufacturers and distributors and ask for bids on the design and quality of tiles that you want. This will give you a fair idea about how much tiling cost per square meter in South Africa.

Now that you have an idea of tiling cost per square meter in South Africa, it is time to check the tile installation cost per labor. The labor costs vary depending on the kind of tile that you are getting installed. For instance, unglazed ceramic tile, which is easy to install requires relatively less amount of labor as compared to glazed ceramic tile that needs more labor. This is because tiling ceramic material is labor intensive as compared to other materials. Moreover, ceramic material is also expensive. However, the low labor cost associated with unglazed ceramic material attracts many home owners who want to go for tile installation at their premises.

One factor that you must consider when comparing floor tiling prices against tile installation prices is whether you are getting the best quality of flooring at nominal rates. Sometimes, you might find that you are getting substandard quality flooring at higher rates. This is because some substandard flooring do not last long. The overall cost of tiling can be reduced if you make sure that the tile installation company that you are choosing uses durable and good quality materials and employ reputed professionals for the task.

When it comes to flooring, it is important to state that there are contractors available in South Africa that offer low cost services. You should therefore check out the references of these contractors before you make a decision to hire any of them to install tiles at your premise. Most of the contractors have websites on the internet. You can check out the tile prices offered by these contractors and hire them after you verify the prices and the services they are offering. If you are hiring them for the first time, you must ask them about their previous projects and the overall experience of the contractor.

Another factor that you must consider is the tile spacers. The tiles that are installed will depend largely on the space that is available in the room. Therefore, you must ensure that you have enough space to install tiling at your place. If the room is not flexible enough, the contractor may not be able to install tiling smoothly.

In the context of tiling, the average cost of installing the ceramic tile is approximately 22 % per square foot. This means that if you wish to install the ceramic tile on your own, you should estimate the tile cost per square foot and not the tile installation cost per square foot. This difference will help you arrive at the average cost of installing the flooring tile. To arrive at the average cost, you should divide the total price by the number of square feet in the room where you wish to install the tiling.